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This section of our website features a recent ride report from our members, updated monthly.

Friday December 30th - Originally Taking on the Toughest

(Then a new plan emerged)

Words by Russell and pictures by Wheely

Leg 1 - Ivybridge to Totnes

Geoff and his friend Andy (not a TRF member yet) met at my place in Ivybridge for 9 o clock. Andy was on a BMW F650 Funduro and my first thought was that there was going to be lots of badgers and pushing involved during the day I was to be proved very wrong. We started off and headed to 154 (Woohoo as weve named it) one of Wheelys and Geoffs favourites. We warned Andy and set him off first and he made it up in the end without our assistance, but looked a bit hot and bothered at the top but a great effort.

After this we went on to 172, 180, 173, 174, 175, 198, 184 and 182, where we met a couple of walkers at the end, then 176 and 149, here I stopped to talk to the farmer I know who is also a keen bike rider and with whom I have been on a few trips to Wales; then on to 148 and 147 and its slate steps, then 141 and 142, which was quite full at the bottom, then 133, 304, 311 and 123, where all the hedge on the field side had been cut and laid, opening up the lane completely. Then down to Morrisons garage to meet Wheely.

Leg 2 - Totnes to Kingsteignton

Wheely took over as run leader on this leg, we started with 118, 322, 113 and 111 where we did our normal exit to the left from this lane and then doubling back after about 100 yards as the exit is on a dangerous blind bend. Then into 110 and onto 099 (Tally ho) this is where the fun started. Wheely went up first followed by Andy, then Geoff and then myself. Geoff and I met Andy about halfway up and had to get off and push him before he could get going again and then try to restart ourselves (good fun) then on to 100, 324, 326, 103, 102, 101, 091, 079, 080, 081, 073, 074, 082, 353, 075 and 069. Then across the main road and on to leg 3.

Leg 3 - Kingsteignton to Shaldon and Back

Starting with 433, 060, 061, 051, 052, 053 and 346, here our planned route was meant to be to turn down 035, but we missed the turning and carried on along 357 and into 034 where halfway along we stopped for a break and discussed were to next. The route on the RA criss crossed so much that I misinterpreted it and we sadly missed a lot of our planned route (theres always another day) and we rejoined our route on 348 then 029, 030, 031, 348 again then 033, 347, 032, 018, 017, 015, 014, 012, 013, 431, 028, 059 and 433 again. Then back down to the main road and along to the nearest garage where we stopped for lunch at 1.10pm. We decided that seeing as we had missed some of our route we would make our way to Brixham as Geoff seemed so intent on trying 442.

Leg 4 Kingsteignton to Brixham

First we repeated 069, 075, 353, 082, 074 and 073, but in the opposite direction, then we turned off into Compton and did a bit of road work to 125 and 134 where we swapped run leader again and I took over to get us to 442. Next we did 145, 150, 152 and 153, then the little used 168 with nice views of the river and creek, past the bottom of C096, which I remember riding in the late eighties on my first bikes MT50 and DT175MX before its status changed (happy memories). Onto 169 uphill and another nasty exit, then onto 442 where we all stopped at the bottom and waved Geoff through. He removed his goggles as I think he knew it was going to be tough. He gave it a good go but after burning half his new MT43 away he had to admit defeat. IĀ’m sure he has plenty of video footage of this and the rest of the days antics which he assured me he will post after he gets over his New Years hangover.

Leg 5 - Brixham via Ferry Back to Ivybridge

The time was now 3.00pm and Wheely said his goodbyes as we planned to cross the ferry and try a few more on the other side of the water, we had been lucky with the weather so far with just a few light showers, that now ended and it poured it down. Once across the ferry and because of the weather we agreed to do just the odd lane to stop our backsides becoming numb so we rode to Totnes Cross before doing 206, 214, 204, 302 and 174, we then ditched the lanes and made a run for it as it was now torrential, but just so we could finish where we started we did 154 downhill and the difference from the morning was amazing, water pouring from everywhere it was not a lane anymore but a river!

We rode back into Ivybridge and all had a jet wash at the garage and said our goodbyes.

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